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Please see my reviews below that my clients have kindly taken their time to submit:
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Reviewer: James
Date: 12/10
A meeting with Tanya certainly brightens up your day. Tanya is just so friendly and so much fun to be with. Tanya also looked stunning and was full of passion. Thanks Tanya for the fantastic time you gave me. Ill see you again soon. James xxx

Reviewer: James
Date: 14/09
Had the pleasure of a meeting with Tanya after a longer than usual break. Looking as gorgeous as ever and dressed so sexy, Tanya was certainly worth the wait. A quick catch up chat and then the fun began. As always, Tanya was so passionate and made it a memorable experience. Thanks Tanya for giving me more fantastic memories. See you again soon. James xxx

Reviewer: James
Date: 03/07
A hot summer day and spending quality time with the beautiful Tanya, it doesn't get any better than this. As well as her stunning figure, Tanya is just so friendly and so easy to get on with. Thanks Tanya for another never to be forgotten meeting. See you again soon. James xxx

Reviewer: James
Date: 14/04
Tanya just has it all, a sexy figure, interesting and fun personality and finally so incredibly passionate. This makes every meeting with her pure joy from start to finish. Thanks Tanya for another amazing experience. See you again soon. James xxx

Reviewer: Silver surfer
Date: 17/07
Well it's been awhile but so glad I could finally re-aquaint with the lovely Tanya. Looming radiant and resplendent we had lots to catch up on so I had to extend the appointment. As always those lips are so sweet to kiss and it was good to feel her passion again. Good to have you back Tania, sorely missed xxx

Reviewer: James
Date: 10/03
A meeting with Tanya definitely warmed up a bitterly cold day. Tanya was dressed so sexy and looked stunning. As always, Tanya was just so passionate and lots of fun was had. Thanks Tanya for another fantastic experience. See you soon. James xxx

Reviewer: nice old bloke
Date: 13 Feb
Tanya! Soft pink moist lips. Wonderful soft black black skin. Sheer warmth, comfort and sensuality. Of all the places to depart this life surely the ultimate must be in Tanya's arms held close to her.

Reviewer: James
Date: 10/02
A perfect way to brighten up a winter day has to be a meeting with the delightful Tanya. On arrival Tanya was dressed as sexy as ever and looking absolutely gorgeous. After a quick shower, the fun started. Tanya giving her usual outstanding passionate experience. She definitely is someone you could kiss and cuddle all day. Thanks Tanya for yet another great meeting. See you again soon. James xxx

Reviewer: J
Date: 01 Feb
Always lovely to catch up with this beautiful girl. Thanks Tanya xx

Reviewer: James
Date: 08/11
Another passionate encounter with the gorgeous Tanya. As always Tanya looked so sexy and was so much fun to be with. Thanks Tanya for yet another fantastic time. See you again soon. James xxx



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