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Reviews Sent To Us

Please see my reviews below that my clients have kindly taken their time to submit:
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Reviewer: James
Date: 26/05
Treated myself to a bit longer with Tanya this time and what a great decision that was. On arrival Tanya looked as beautiful as ever, fabulously dressed, a fantastic figure and such a gorgeous & friendly smile. After a short chat the fun quickly began. Tanya as ever was putting so much effort and passion in to making me feel so special. Thanks Tanya for yet another memorable time. See you again soon. James xxx

Reviewer: James
Date: 12/04
Another meeting with the beautiful Tanya, who as ever just looked so sexy. Our time spent together was full of our usual fun and passion, plus interesting and friendly chat. Thanks Tanya for giving me yet more unforgettable experiences, I'll see you again soon. James xxx

Reviewer: James
Date: 08/03
Met Tanya again after a longer than usual break and she was so worth the wait. Tanya was as always dressed immaculately and looked gorgeous. Tanya is such a sexy and passionate woman who always strives to give you a perfect time. This combined with her sense of fun and the energy she puts in to each meeting, makes every visit to her so special. Thanks Tanya, see you soon. James xxx

Reviewer: J
Date: 03 March
Saw the gorgeous Tanya again and she never disappoints. A lovely sweet and passionate person she has such a sexy body I will be back for more soon. Thanks Tanya it's always a fantastic time in your company X

Reviewer: James
Date: 20/01
A meeting with Tanya has to be a perfect way to start the new year. Tanya looked as beautiful as ever, in a dress that highlighted her stunning figure. After a shower and a quick chat the fun started. A hour of pure joy followed, Tanya is so passionate and always provides a memorable experience. Thanks Tanya for a great time, see you again soon. James xxx

Reviewer: James
Date: 08/12
A Christmas treat to myself was to spend some quality time with the beautiful Tanya. As usual Tanya looked absolutely gorgeous and her fun personality instantly brightened up my day. Tanya is so full of passion and is always dedicated to making you feel good. Thanks Tanya for yet another memorable meeting. Have an enjoyable Christmas and I'll see you in the new year. James xxx

Reviewer: Silver Surfer
Date: 07/12
Xmas closing in so time for my final visit if the year to Tanya
My usual array of goodies to eat and drink but a different format to usual
Tanya looked amazing and i was feeling particularly perky so we headed straight for the fun and frolics and i got the impression Tanya had missed me lol.
A break for our wine and food and good chat before heading back for some more passionate fun> WOW!!! i think we should make this a regular routine, my stamina tested to the limit.
Another great year with Tanya and many thanks to you Michelle for your organisation and patience.
Happy Christmas to punters and girls alike for your contribution to the wonderful i.k services experience xxxx

Reviewer: DAVE
Date: 15/11/16
From reading the other reviews it seemed as though Tanya was pretty special and so it proved to be when we met!!
Very attractive and very sensual, a great way to start a day!

Reviewer: James
Date: 09/11
A meeting with the beautiful Tanya has to be the best way to brighten up a cold and dull day. Tanya looked as stunning as ever and as always put so much energy and passion in to giving me an unforgettable time. Thanks Tanya for yet another truly special and sexy experience. See you soon. James xxx

Reviewer: Silver Surfer
Date: 01/11
asa belated present to myself I pondered what I would really like mmmm
10 seconds later I decided... TANYA!!! Of course what other present would give me the delightful attention that Tanya does
Come the day the door opened and instead of her usual stunning dress there stood Tanya, heels,holdups and a white man's shirt unbuttoned to show her gorgeous dark cleavage. Wow what a start!!!
as usual i had brought lunch of Italian meats, cheeses and red wine and soon our chatter started, there is something truly erotic talking to Tanya as we drink and share foods. Of course we took to the bedroom where I had her giggling at my attempt at a lapdance but it seemed to work as she kissed with her usual passion and our hands and lips explored each other.
So for me a wonderful treat and for Tanya too I think fun and laughter too.
The perfect present xxx



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