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Reviews Sent To Us

Please see my reviews below that my clients have kindly taken their time to submit:
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Reviewer: J
Date: 27 Oct
Saw the wonderful Tanya again and as always had a fun filled time with a beautiful lovely lady who makes the troubles of the world disappear in the time you spend with her. Thanks Tanya you are a delight xx

Reviewer: James
Date: 12/10
As a reward I treated myself to an extended meeting with the delightful Tanya. It was a good decision as on arrival Tanya just looked as gorgeous as ever. We started with a chat to catch up on recent events, Tanya is so easy to talk to, so entertaining and fun, the conversation just flows. It was then time to get passionate, Tanya as usual putting so much effort in to making me feel good and giving me an experience to remember. Thanks Tanya for yet another exceptional meeting. See you soon, James xxx

Reviewer: Silver surfer
Date: 6/10/16
Last reviewer summed Tanya up perfectly in one word. Magnificent!!!!
As this was a special occasion I decided to spoil her (even more than usual)
So 4 hours of pleasure and knew i had to pace myself
Tanya looked gorgeous a combination of elegance and sexiness and soon i had those soft lips on mine.Chatter, wine and food interspersed with more kisses and we were away in our usual frenzied catch-up.
Then for a long spell of gentle intimacy and fun, Tanya can be soo tender but things did hot up to drive out the cool morning air.
Took me a while to recover hence the late review but the image of her is still so strong
Perfect day for me and I hope for Tanya xxx Have a great week babe

Reviewer: M
Date: 23/09

Reviewer: James
Date: 14/09
Tanya made our monthly meeting as enjoyable as always. Her stunning beauty and friendly personality along with the effort and passion she puts in to it, makes every time spent with Tanya just so special and unforgettable. Thanks Tanya xxx

Reviewer: silver surfer
Date: 25th Aug
The thought of seeing Tanya again had me bursting at the seams as I flew to the apartment.
She looked adorable. And the kisses were soft and highly erotic. We had so much to talk about today so a good job it was a longer booking. Then those highly sexy words "let's get naughty" and we jumped on each other for a glorious session of hot kissing and wonderful pleasure. Tanya was fully charged today and we both fell in to each others arms hot, happy and completely satisfied. Wow!! What a woman and the sweetest person I know. Thanks babe xxx

Reviewer: James
Date: 05/08
A meeting with Tanya made a warm summer day even hotter. Tanya was her usual ray of sunshine with her sparkling and fun personality. Thanks Tanya for yet another hour of passion and enjoyable conversation. I'll see you again soon. James xxx

Reviewer: Silver Surfer
Date: 14th Jul
So not been able to see my adorable Tanya for a little while so this date was highly anticipated . As soon as the door opened that beaming smile greeted me producing instant arousal lol. A little gourmet food and wine today and the noises of appreciation she uttered as she ate and drank made me wonder if I could produce such delightful noises in the bedroom haha. Luckily I could, And what a delight she was making me feel like a King and delivering her usual combination of fun and passion. The longer I book the quicker it flies and we will be up to a full day soon at this rate haha. So thank you babe for all the years of enjoyment we have had and here is hoping for many more.xxxxxxxxxxx P

Reviewer: James
Date: 08/07
An ideal way to finish off the week was to spend some time in the company of the delightful Tanya. As always Tanya looked fantastic in such a sexy outfit and our time together was full of fun and passion, The time flew by far too quickly, However, I left elated and fully refreshed. Thanks Tanya for the pleasure you gave me. See you soon, James xxx

Reviewer: James
Date: 15/06
Spending time with Tanya definitely brightened up a dull day. Especially as Tanya looked so sexy in her tight fitting outfit. We briefly chatted, Tanya is so easy to talk to as she is such a fun, interesting and friendly person. The passionate side of our encounter was as good as ever. Tanya putting so much effort in to ensuring I had an exceptional time. Thanks Tanya, see you soon. James xxx



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