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Reviews Sent To Us

Please see my reviews below that my clients have kindly taken their time to submit:
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Reviewer: J
Date: 11 Jan
Just spent a wonderful hour with the beautiful Tanya. Having seen her a few times before I can honestly say she is somewhat addictive....so sexy and passionate I never fail to leave with a big smile on my face.Tanya is the perfect way to brighten up a cold grey Monday. I'm sure I will be back to see her again before too long. Thanks Tanya, you were amazing as always xx

Reviewer: Naijamark
Date: 12/15
Today I finally got to spend two wonderful hours with the wonderful Tanya and I certainly wasn't left disappointed.
The photos on the website are very accurate - Tanya is indeed a beautiful, curvy ebony girl.
Within minutes of meeting Tanya I felt as if I had known her for years. She's extremely friendly and a great conversationalist.
As I soon found out to my great joy, Tanya was very skilled at what she does. There was no clock watching and she seemed to enjoy the occasion as much as I did.
My two lasting memories of the meeting will be a girl with a beautiful ebony body and a fantastic personality.
Tanya is undoubtedly the best escort I have ever had the pleasure to meet.
Thank you Tanya!

Reviewer: James
Date: 02/12
After seeing Tanyas Christmas outfit on her profile page, I felt the urge for an early Christmas treat. By a stroke of luck Tanya had brought the Bustier with her and was kind enough to model it for me. I then had the pleasure of helping her out of it and believe me, that is an experience I'll never forget. We then commenced with the main event, which was as passionate as ever.
Thanks Tanya for yet another great time. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and I'll see you in the new year. James xxx

Reviewer: James
Date: 18/11
After a days work there can be nothing better than spending some time with the delightful Tanya. As usual Tanya was dressed in a sexy outfit that fully showed off her stunning figure. A quick shower to freshen up then a few minutes of chat. Tanya is such a joy to talk to, there's always plenty of laughs as well as interesting conversation. The passionate side of the encounter soon commenced. Tanya putting so much effort in to making our time together totally amazing and unforgettable. Thanks Tanya, see you again soon. James xxx

Reviewer: Silver Surfer
Date: 18/11/15
Well having arranged to see Tanya last week and made a cock up of my booking I rearranged and hoped I would be forgiven. I needn't have worried lol. Tanya looked resplendent, she really is a talented lady in more ways than one. 3 hour booking to make up for it and still we run out of time, but I like it to feel like a real date so we have our wine and nibbles and lots of chats and giggles
Then Tanya continues the nibbles on me haha which is heavenly. We are soon in the mood for passion and I am transported to another time and place like a dream. Only it is completely real and by the end we are both totally satisfied on so many levels.
It takes a very special person to hold my attention and after all these years together I can honestly say, Tanya is a VERY special lady xx
Thank you darling

Reviewer: James
Date: 14/10
Now that it's Autumn and the temperature is dropping, I felt l needed a little warming up. And spending some time with the lovely Tanya is the best way to do that. Tanya looked as sexy as ever and after a quick shower things soon started to heat up. As always the passion Tanya puts in to the meeting is intense. The time just flew by and by the end I was left in a state of total bliss.
If you ever want to brighten up your day, just book some time with Tanya, I guarantee you won't regret it. Thanks Tanya for another fantastic encounter, see you again soon. James xxx

Reviewer: Silver surfer
Date: 15th Oct
Fresh back from my holiday in the Indian Ocean big game fishing, golfing and fine dining and sun I found myself suddenly experiencing post holiday blues.Cold grey weather and rain left me feeling a little down so thought what might bring a smile back to my face. Tanya!!!! So off to IK and Michelle set up my surprise visit for a few hours of fun and pleasure.
Was Tanya pleased to see me? Well the greeting said it all and our kisses were deep and passionate but we held back so that we could chat drink some nice wine and eat cheese, our favorite start for our date. Tanya looked so hot in a sexy little red number that revealed more than it covered and it had such an effect my little man was virtually pulling my zip down itself lol.
Moving on we enjoyed some passionate time that needed windows opening and I think it is fair to say we both enjoyed our time together.
We talked so much too that we lost track of time so apologies Michelle for over running I take full responsibility.
So now my blues have gone and my memories are so so sweet
Till the next time babe and thank you xxx

Reviewer: jf
Date: 24/09
Before she left for her sabbatical I was prone to severe TDS (Tanya Deficiency Syndrome) if I hadn't seen her for just a few months. So I was in a bad way as I knocked on her door today, the first time that our hours had coincided since her return. It was such a pleasure to see her again and be privileged to experience her unique intoxicating mix of passion and gaiety. As usual her therapy was an instant success and I am now (temporarily) cured. Thank you Tanya. (I do hope you found a taxi back.) XXX

Reviewer: James
Date: 11/09
I decided to treat myself to 90 minutes with the delightful Tanya and what a wise decision that was. Tanya was dressed as sexy as ever and looked absolutely stunning. As usual Tanya was so easy to talk to and full of fun and laughs. As for the passionate side of the encounter, Tanya put so much effort in to making me feel good. I ended the meeting exhausted but totally satisfied and in a state of pure bliss. Thanks Tanya, see you soon. James xxx

Reviewer: silver surfer
Date: 08/09
When Tanya left IK I decided after seeing her solely for a few years I would also nag up my punting pants as I would have compared any girl to her exceptional standards. I have glanced occasionally at the site since in the hope she may return and despite some wonderful looking girls coming and going I have stayed true to my word.
So imagine my surprise when I saw her profile again and it has taken me a while to pluck up courage to return. I needn't have worried, I could have spent a whole day in her delightful company and she looked stunning. Knocked on door clickety click heels. Then heard her heels as she disappeared ( forgotten key) lol clickety click as she ran back. Open door and there she is an absolute smiling vision of loveliness.
Needless to say we had a lot of catching up to do inside and outside the bedroom but it was as if we had never been away.
Don't know how long she will stay but i will be back until she departs again but only for my gorgeous ebony princess
P xxxx



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