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Reviews Sent To Us

Please see my reviews below that my clients have kindly taken their time to submit:
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Reviewer: Paul
Date: 18/04
I'd been waiting to book Cally for ages: it was difficult to get my schedule arranged, but she was ABSOLUTELY worth the wait!
Cally is a lovely, sweet-natured girl - and just as stunningly beautiful as her photos suggest.
I had a fantastic time with her: passionate, intense and very satisfying. Highly, highly recommended!

Reviewer: Like a magnet
Date: 12 April
Despite meeting on a regular basis for over a year now, I always look forward to seeing Cally, she can still create that je ne sais quoi, taking the time and effort to look stunning. From her mesmerising eyes to her wonderful kisses, this must had been the shortest 2 hours of my life. Will definitely look forward to our next catch up, our mini saga rekindled and revived xxx

Reviewer: matching hair
Date: 12 March
Wow! Due to a mixture of snow and unable to match days, this reunion was long overdue. Cally certainly made up for lost time as we connected immediately and she looked after my every wish. Beautiful and stunning inside and out, on a wet dreary day, Cally was so perfect. Paris maybe called the City of Love this week, however, today that accolade certainly belonged to Leeds. Will definitely look forward to be reunited again, deja tu me manque Cally. Thank you M again for the impeccable arrangements xxx

Reviewer: Ash
Date: 29/01/18
What can I say M - I was speechless Cally is just simply brilliaint.
Thanks you M for the speedy com's and thanks Cally I had a wonderful time .

Reviewer: Ali
Date: 11/12
Cally is a stunning looking lady, I had an amazing time with her. Lovely black hair and green eyes. I should have booked for longer... round two to be continued x

Reviewer: messy hair
Date: 2/11
Time flies when I am with the super friendly company of Cally. Kicking myself for not booking longer, hardly had time to catch up, our reunion was that intense. Super coffee, super time, super girl! Will look forward to our next longer catch up session. Well done M again for the impeccable arrangements xx

Reviewer: john
Date: 20.8.17
It was a pleasure to spend time with such an interesting young women,yes she is beautiful slim and attractive but it is her personality that overshadows all of these factors. Cally is someone I really enjoyed meeting and hopefully this will continue in the future. John x

Reviewer: Little Internet User
Date: 23/08
An absolute pleasure as always,. Started off being a very dreary day which ended being one of the hottest on record! Will look forward to our next meeting Cally, you little star! Excellent arrangements as always M :-)

Reviewer: Ash
Date: 23/07/17
What a great pleasure it was to see Cally again . Quick text to arrange with m, as always a speedy text back from m with the arrangements thanks for that m. Cally opened the door to let me in wow she looked irresistible. What followed after was mind blowing she is a rare gem.
Thanks Cally and thanks m for the speedy arrangement's
Hope to see you soon xxx ash

Reviewer: peter
Date: 21 / 6
Another hour in the company of Cally that just flew by in a breath Just makes you feel so good to be around her. Her beautiful warm smile says it all Thank you Cally for a lovely time See you soon Peter x



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